Friday, 21 August 2009

Pet Bird Cages for Sale

Would you like your pet birds to live in Castle? Your bird pet to fly through the Louvre? Or pet bird cage to be a Frank Lloyd Wright home?
Orders are now being accepted for custom built dollhouses, birdcages and pet homes. Plan ahead for Christmas or that special occasion.
Location: St. Louis

Nice green bird cage.
Price: $35 OBO
The dimensions: 22in Tall/ 16in Wide/ 11in Deep
call 503-863-8049
or mail
Comes with accessories such as a water bottle food holder and more!

2 Bird Cages (bayview)
The white bird pet cage is 17x17x38; has 7 doors and a pull-out cleaning pan on the bottom. $20.00
Red and white pet bird cage is 24x19x31 has a roof that opens up and a perch/platform door, pull out clening pan.$30.00
Both cages are in excellent shape. Have feeding dishes, perches.
No chipped coating on bars, or rust!
Location: San Francisco bay area

Bird Cage with Stand - $35
One slightly used bird cage with hanging stand.
Phone: (469)442-3118
Location: Dallas