Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Parrot Play Stand

Bird owners know that parrots love to play! Bird play stands provide hours of entertainment and will give your bird the feeling of freedom and social interaction outside of his or her cage. Whether a freestanding parrot play stand or a tabletop play stand, they can easily be moved from room to room providing your bird with a welcome change of scenery.
Having a separate parrot playstand from your bird's every day cage is important for your bird's well being.  Parrot playstands make your bird happier and more engaged, thus reducing many of the unwanted bird behaviors.
Parrot Playstand Wood
If you are looking for a parrot playstand made from wood, look no further.  Americas Pet Store carries a large range of wooden parrot play stands made from a variety of natural woods including the ever popular manzanita tree parrot playstands. In addition to parrot playstands made from manzanita trees we also carry parrot stands made from Java wood (sometimes called Coffee wood) such as the line of IslandWood parrot trees.  All natural wood parrot playstands feature natural limb shapes, which are great for your bird’s feet.  Americas Pet Store also carries the Prevue Hendryx line of colorful solid hardwood table top bird play stands.  Each comes with a laminated top for easy cleaning and is certified 100% safe for your bird. 
Plastic Parrot PlayStands
The great thing about plastic parrot play stands is that they are typically easy to clean, light weight and less expensive than their wooden or iron counterparts.  You can select from a large variety of styles and sizes of plastic bird playstands including a plastic table top parrot play stand, a plastic raised parrot playstand, and even a full length parrot playstand for the largest Macaws.  The only type of plastic parrot playstand that you should consider are those that have grooved or ribbed perches.  If the plastic perch is not ribbed or grooved in some way your parrot will slip on the perch or will get sore feet from holding the smooth surface.  Americas Pet Store only carries plastic bird play stands with grooved or ribbed surfaces. 
Metal Parrot Playstands
Americas Pet Store carries stainless steel playstands and wrought iron play stands in a variety of colors and styles to make both you and your bird happy.  Many play stands have feeding and water cups for extended play time.  Make sure to choose a playstand that will correctly fit the size of bird you own.  So it is important to evaluate the diameter of the perches prior to purchases to ensure you have selected the proper size parrot playstand.