Saturday, 23 August 2014

Veterinarian Colleges Online

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Colorado State University
New research led by Colorado State University has revealed that an estimated 100,000 elephants in Africa were killed for their ivory between 2010 and 2012 - driving a population decline of the world's wild African elephants on the order of 2 percent to 3 percent a year. CSU Professor George Wittemyer is the lead author of the study and has been working with Save the Elephants and Kenya Wildlife Services to document every elephant birth and death over the past 16 years in Samburu, Kenya.

Purdue University -  College of Veterinary Medicine
The Purdue Veterinary Technology program is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and is a science based veterinary nursing program offering a Bachelors and Associate of Applied Science degrees.

Free Online Veterinary Courses List:

Animal Diversity at African Virtual University

This course is viewable online as a full text document of the class content, including lecture notes, practice questions with answers, and research exercises. This module is divided into four learning units: General Characteristics of Animals, Evolutionary Trends in Animals, Classification of animals, and The Importance of Animals.

Dog Examination Techniques at the University of Nottingham

This video introduces students to the basic techniques used in the physical examination of dogs. The video discusses safety precautions, common examination equipment, and the proper methods of dog restraint. Demonstrations are given in observation techniques, palpitation methods, and stethoscope use.
A significant element of the first two years of the veterinary course is anatomy and physiology, and a framework for carrying out a physical examination is introduced early in the course at Nottingham since physical examination is essentially applied anatomy and physiology.

Human-Animal Relationships at Tufts University

From this class, students may access a text overview of each lecture, including reflective journal questions, and, for many sessions, links to PDF versions of at least one of the assigned readings. The first lecture also includes a four-page introduction and overview of the course content and aims. Slides from some class sessions, such as those discussing shelter issues, farm animals, and research alternatives, are provided in downloadable PDF format.

Law and Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

This course offers slides of each lecture that address areas such as informed consent, research animals, state practice acts, and malpractice. In addition, students may access an overview of each class session that includes the respective reading lists. Brief supplementary documents that contain things like acronym definitions and a list of online resources are available to download.