Thursday, 10 November 2016

Stop And Smell The Pionus

Meet the parrots known for being sweet, cute and quirky.

pionus parrot

Pionus are a group of sweet-smelling parrots that their owners admit to sniffing for fun.
Besides that unique trait, this group of multicolored and subtly colored parrots has large eye rings and a patch of red feathers under the tail.
The beak is rather long to the first-time observer.
No need to rush to a groomer; it's supposed to be that way.
The pionus are squat, heavy-bodied birds shaped like small Amazon parrots, with a squared tail.
They are smaller than most Amazon parrots, but larger than the conures.
This is just right for many parrot owners.

Pionus is a genus of medium-sized parrots native to Mexico, and Central and South America.
Characteristic of the genus are the chunky body, bare eye ring, and short square tail.
All species share bright red undertail coverts.
 the scientific name of one species, the blue-headed parrot, refers to this.
Males and females are similar, with no notable sexual dimorphism. 
Life span - 40 yrs.
Size - 9-12 in.
Weight/ grams - 180 -210
Temperament - Shy, sweet, gentle, quiet
Talking ability - poor

Breeders of Pionus in Canada

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British Columbia

Vancouver, B.C.



White Capped Pionus


Homestead's Hatchery
Jane Gillespie
Niagara on the Lake, Ont.
White cap Pionus
Central Pet Store

1921 Eglinton Ave. East

Toronto, Ontario Canada



Blue Head, White Capped, Dusky, Bronze Winged
Milkwood Aviaries
Carole and Rob Court
Mount Albert, Ontario   
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Pionus: White Cap 


Oisellerie Domingo
Eric Plouffe
Bedford, Quebec
Blue-headed, White-capped