Thursday, 17 November 2016

What documentation is needed for travelling to/from a foreign counrty with a live pet exotic bird?

If traveling internationally with an exotic pet bird, federal wildlife laws require a certain documentary requirements.

 exotic pet bird

At the time of importation/exportation, these requirements include:
(1) having a CITES permit and/or a Wild Bird Conservation Act (WBCA) permit
(2) the filing of FWS Declaration form 3-177.

If you are importing the bird into the U.S., a WBCA import permit and a CITES permit issued by the a specific governmental authority in the foreign country where you departed are needed.

If you are exporting from the U.S., a CITES permit issued by the Office of Management Authority is needed. Canaries, budgerigars ("budgies") and a number of other species are exempt from any FWS permit requirment. 

Questions regarding the U.S. wildife permits can be directed to the Office of Management Authority in Fairfax, VA, 
at (800) 358-2104 
or the FWS Import/Export Office (Anchorage, AK) at (907) 271-6198.