Thursday, 14 October 2010


Many birds can be "housebroken".
The principles of housebreaking a dog apply here but most birds have to "go" much more frequently. For most birds it will be at 10-30 minute intervals (shorter for smaller birds). Watch the bird to get an idea about the frequency. Select a place where droppings are allowed. The bird is not held or played with until he passes a dropping. A verbal command can be used (this is controversial). The bird is rewarded by giving him attention. Just before another dropping is due, the bird is put back on the selected area until a dropping is produced. Again success is rewarded by attention. This process is repeated whenever the bird is handled. The bird will eventually learn to go to the selected area. Care should be taken that the bird does not hold its droppings for extended periods as this may lead to medical problems in the urinary or intestinal tracts.