Thursday, 14 October 2010


In our efforts to protect birds from infectious diseases, drafts, and other environmental factors, it is easy to put our birds into plastic bubbles. To sentence the bird to spend its entire life in a single room is not fair.
They are intelligent, sensitive animals that deserve better.
Have fun with them and they'll have more fun too.
It is advisable to have more than one area where the bird spends time. Get an extra cage for a different part of the house.
Alternatively, a T-stand will suffice. If your employer allows, take the bird to work.
Birds make excellent greeters for businesses and many customers get to know them well.
Of course be careful that the bird is kept where he/she cannot get into trouble or nip customers fingers! Take your bird for car rides. Many of them really love it.
Bring them into the shower with you (there are perches made for the purpose).
The enjoyment you get from your parrots depends on how much
you are willing to put into socializing them. Have fun and you and your parrot will both be happier.