Friday, 29 August 2014

Quaker Parrot Price

Quaker (Monk) Parrot aka Grey-breasted Parakeet Price Research

NOTE: Quaker parrots are illegal to keep as pets in many states.


Quaker Parrots are small parrots. They are intelligent and are relatively good talkers.

NATIVE TO: Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

They size is 10 to 12 inches (26 - 30 cm) in length, including the long tail and weigh from 90-150 grams..

The upper body is vivid green. The face, throat, and legs are pale grey.

LIFE SPAN: 30 + years

Quakers are very playful and tend to be mischievous by nature on the other hand.

Quaker parrots are legal with no restrictions in Oklahoma.

Quakers are NOT "pricey" -- they are among the least expensive of available parrots; only budgerigars and cockatiels are less expensive.

Their price depends.of location but the range is usually somewhere around 200-300 dollars.

Quaker parrot price in India is 23k to 25k

Price of Quaker Parrots in Ontario Canada is $300 to $350

Prices of Quaker Parrots in Australia start at $350 for a green Quaker Parrot and $400 for a Blue Quaker Parrot

Price of Quaker Parrots in UK is £130 - £180

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